Sunday, June 30, 2013

Today we traveled 75 miles from Charleston, SC to Port Royal Landing Marina, Port Royal, SC.  We had intermittent rain and sunshine most of the day.  We learned what is meant by the "mud flats" -- it's low tide in many areas where the docks don't go over water, they go over mud.  We also had a little dolphin swim next to our port side for about ten minutes.  They are such majestic creatures.  This is the first one that swam alongside us. 

We arrived at Port Royal Landing Marina around 4:00 PM and by that time there were whitecaps on the ICW with wind gusts at 38 mph.  Not an easy time of it tying up, but here we are glad to have two dockhands helping us and happy to be tied up and in the air conditioning. The evening was rather calm, but now the wind is picking up and we are rockin' and rollin' once more.
Here are a few of today's photos:

Our route today

Intermittent rain and sunshine

Wadmalaw River

Army vessel on Wadmalaw River

Tug and barges

Mud flats -- notice beneath the long dock is mud

Mud flats

Eerie photo of storm brewing

After the rain, the skies began to clear

This little dolphin swam along our port side for 10 minutes

Dolphins are majestic creatures

Beaufort, SC (pronounced Bew-fort) not to be confused with Beaufort, NC which is pronounced Bow-fort.  Whitecaps forming.

Arriving at Port Royal, SC with 38 mph winds

Tied up at Port Royal Landing Marina, Port Royal, SC

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