Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tonight's back yard
Today started out rainy and dreary as we traveled through the Alligator River.  Shortly before noon, the rain stopped and it began to clear and we entered the Alligator-Pungo Canal.  It was very smooth.  Along our way we saw a little fawn walking in the water -- what a delightful surprise to see this beautiful baby.  
Our next body of water was the Pungo River, smooth as glass, as well.  Along our way were many sailboats heading toward our destination, Belhaven, NC.  We didn't know this, but this weekend there was a National Sailing Association "do" going on at Belhaven and there was not a dock to be found.  We're anchored out in the Pungo River and there's a lovely breeze and a rocking motion like being in a cradle. We both sleep so well in these conditions.

We dinghied into the town this afternoon to do laundry.  There is a nice laundromat about 3 blocks from the city dock that has extra large capacity washers and dryers. It is very clean and we did one triple load and were in and out in just over an hour.  

The town itself is struggling. There are a few empty store fronts and some fledgling businesses.  Everyone is so hospitable and welcoming.  I hope all boaters coming this way patronize the town.  It's a beautiful little place and a good stop off for laundry and there is also a market several blocks away in the other direction. We didn't go there, but have heard it's well-stocked and convenient.

We traveled 53 miles today.  Here are some of today's photos:
Downtown Belhaven, I like the lines of this house

A wine and gift shop

Homes and offices

Georgie's Oyster & Sports Bar

Sitting at the laundromat is a lonely vigil

I really like the street signs

Belhaven Municipal Building

Empty store front -- I like the architecture of this building

Spoon River Artworks & Market

Ace Hardware -- the Manager told us they are the Belhaven Wal-Mart

Alligator River

A little fawn in the Alligator-Pungo Canal

One of many sailboats on the Pungo River, destination:  Belhaven

Belhaven waterfront

Belhaven condos

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