Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tonight's back yard

Today we weighed anchor at 6:15 AM in order to make the 6:30 AM bridge opening at Nabbs Creek.  The weather was overcast and humid with intermittent showers and even some heavy rain at times as we continued our route south through the Chesapeake Bay. 

We arrived at Lusby Cove, St. Johns Creek in Solomons, MD at 3:30 PM and anchored here for the night in a light drizzle. Now it is raining in earnest.  There are jellyfish all over the place here, too.  We traveled 63 miles today.

Here are a few of today's photos:

Split screen shows our route on the left and the weather all around us on the right

Baltimore Light on the Chesapeake Bay

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Annapolis Bridge spanning the Chesapeake Bay

I have many photos of this bridge -- my favorite

Annapolis Bridge from underneath

The other side of the bridge from underneath

Annapolis Bridge

Research facility on the Chesapeake Bay

Sandy Point Lighthouse -- and the light is visible

Beautiful waterfront homes here

Beautiful homes here on the Bay

I like this home very much

This construction appears abandoned

Sad this house is incomplete -- maybe someday...
Rainy day...

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