Monday, July 1, 2013

Savannah, GA

Before I begin, let me say I had difficulty posting the blog today.  Google has now added a "Title" feature.  Unless the blogger posts a title for the day,  an error comes up and you  cannot publish it.  Therefore, my title today is Savannah, GA.  Not very creative, but... 

Secondly, the font size varies throughout my post today.  I don't know why and I've tried to make it still varies.  I would be happy if the folks at Google would not tweak so much or, at least give us the option to accept the new tweak or reject it.  <off of soap box>

Today we traveled 63 miles from Port Royal, South Carolina to Savannah, Georgia (that's Joejah if you live here.)  This makes a total of 940 miles we've traveled since we left Atlantic City, NJ on June 15.  

The weather today was hot and humid with intermittent showers and overcast skies.  We arrived at the Delegal Creek Marina in the early afternoon under threatening skies and rolling thunder.  Lola helped us tie up and when Ralph registered, she offered him the key to a golf cart should we need transportation to get into town which she said is about 3 miles away.   She also provided her cell phone number should we need anything after the marina office closes.    

We had torrential rain for over an hour and when it started to clear, I was making dinner and Ralph was taking a nap when Lola knocked on the boat and asked if we intended to use the golf cart.  I said no and returned the key and she said she was headed to the grocery store and would be glad to pick up anything we might need.  We were completely out of bread and nearly out of milk and she graciously picked them up for us.  This is above and beyond and we so appreciated her going the extra mile for us.  

Here are a few of today's photos:

This sand bar is marked by a buoy

Today we passed a fellow

This looks like a sailing class or camp -- dinghy races

One of several marinas along our route

I like this view of the trees

Delegal Creek Marina, Skidaway Island

Not sure if this is a Sea Raymanufacturing plant or a distributorship

Isn't this just the best little beach for moms and little ones??

Tonight's back yard

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