Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday morning we had breakfast at Tom & Joe's.  We were in the parking lot ready to leave when a man came out and asked if I was Celeste.  He looked familiar but I couldn't place him.  Turns out, he is a former neighbor of mine from the late 1960s, Mike Sanders.  We went back inside to meet up with his lovely wife, Nita.  We promised to keep in touch and not let another 30+ years go by.

We left there and our sister-in-law Bonnie at Grace Fellowship Church in Juniata and afterward went back to her house to say goodbye to my brother. We met our dear friend, Joyce for lunch.  We went to Texas Hotdogs and Joyce suggested I try a hotdog with chocolate milk -- I was rather surprised at that choice, but gave it a whirl and you know, that combination is really quite good.  We then trekked around Alto Reste Cemetery looking for my parents' graves.  The cemetery has expanded quite a bit in the past 51 years, but we located them and I took photographs to put with my genealogy information.  Then we had dessert  at The Meadows -- another Altoona icon.  

Following our lunch, we decided to take a ride through Sinking Valley and The Kettle.  We drove past the Altoona Reservoir, the artesian well near Arch Springs -- but the springs are not visible anymore -- past Ft. Roberdeau, the Sinking Valley Country Club, the Gun Club and as far as Skelp Mountain Road where we turned around.  It was a lovely ride to see how built up the area now is.  I haven't been there since the late 1960s.  I remember drag races down there years ago.

Sunday evening we met Terry Goldstein, another dear friend since our Baker School days (we were sorry to have missed Molly who had left that morning for Michigan).  We sat and chatted a while on their back porch then Terry took us  to Blairmont Country Club for dinner.  I haven't been there in a hundred years.  Then we had dessert AGAIN at The Meadows -- thus completing the Altoona Trifecta:  Tom & Joe's, Texas Hotdogs and The Meadows. 

We had a wonderful weekend with our dear family and friends and are so blessed to have had the opportunity to see them again.   Here are a few photos from Sunday:

Tom & Joe's

Foodie Foto:  Ralph with eggs, potatoes and scrapple and I'm having a short stack

A Texhas hotdog with chocolate milk -- who knew how good that combo is??  Joyce -- that's who an now me!

Joyce at Goods Lane Texas Hotdogs

Joyce and me at Texas Hotdogs

Joyce and Ralph

Joyce at The Meadows -- where is our custard?  We scarfed it up in short order.

Terry and Ralph at Blairmont

We teased Terry about his personalized reservation
Those two mannequins from Woolworth's

Our second visit to The Meadows today -- thus completing the Altoona Trifecta

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