Thursday, June 27, 2013

Travel through the ICW today was smooth as glass for the most part.  The weather was sunny, hot and humid.  Early this morning I baked muffins and chocolate chip cookies and made potato salad and tuna salad for lunch.  We continue to munch away on our food stuffs, hoping we don't have very much to pack up to take home when we leave Say Good-Bye in Jacksonville.  I advised the Captain that we're now coming down to canned soup.  He wasn't impressed since it was 85 degrees with 90% humidity today. He did, however, enjoy the baked items, since we've not been grocery shopping for a while.   But I digress...

Mid-afternoon the sky got totally black and rain came down in buckets for about forty-five minutes, laced with lots of thunder and lightning. Maximum wind gust was 57 mph.   We continued moving along and gradually the sky cleared and the rain diminished.  We saw only two other boats along the way, a boat full of men fishing in the downpour and another boat with a bedraggled couple wrapped in towels who waved to us as we went by.  We were also treated to a pod of dolphins enjoying the aftermath of the storm.

We traveled 73 miles today and are anchored in Price Creek. The nearest town is Awendaw, South Carolina. We're about twenty miles north of Charleston. 

Here are a few of today's photos:

Two orphans of the storm who waved hello

One of several marinas on our route

A ferry takes cars and equipment back and forth

On either side of the ICW are the ferry terminals

Taken just after the rain

Houses with very long docks

I like the design of this unfinished house

Houses along here are an eclectic mix

This looks like a town fishing pier

And we saw dolphins today, too

Finally a sunset -- tonight's back yard

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