Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This morning we traveled through many severe thunderstorms, but the afternoon brought loads of sunshine. The waterway was buzzing with activity all afternoon with jet-skis, water skiers, fishermen, pontoon boats, cruising boats and kayaks today. 

 As I write this, the wind has picked up and there is thunder in the distance and an occasional flash of heat lightning here at the anchorage just off the Calabash River, South Carolina.  We were the first to arrive and soon after came another trawler and two sailboats.

Interestingly, just around the bend -- only a dinghy ride away -- is the little town of Calabash, North Carolina.  So we're actually on the border between North and South Carolina.  We took the dinghy into town and tied up to a shrimp boat, the owner of which was standing on the dock and offered us to tie to his boat when we were looking for a dinghy dock.  We walked into this lovely little town. There are many restaurants and Callahan's Gift Shop within easy walking distance.  

We opted to have dinner at Ella's Seafood Restaurant which is famous for it's delicious seafood and also for Lucy High, who I believe owned the place in 1954 when Jimmy Durante visited there.  The story goes that Jimmy and Lucy struck up a friendship and he said to her "I'm going to make you famous."  She had no idea at that time who he even was.  That's when he began ending his radio and television broadcasts with "Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are."  And he was referring to Lucy.  Lucy's granddaughter is still affiliated with the restaurant and in fact, she accepted our payment for dinner this evening.  Everything is fried and dipped with the special Calabash batter.  It was delicious but I hope we don't regret eating  those hush puppies around 3:00 AM.

We had a nice walk through town, a visit to Callahan's Gift Shop and a nice dinner at Ella's.  Everyone is so hospitable and friendly. This is a great stop for cruisers and this is a very convenient anchorage with good holding.  Today we traveled 62 miles.  No sunset again tonight due to heavy cloud cover.  

Here are a few of today's photos:


Entering the town of Calabash, NC

Lobster and Lobster Man at Ella's

A crab and a lobster

The main street of Calabash, NC

Beck's Restaurant, Calabash, NC

Callahan's Gift Shop -- it's huge!

No "husband's chair" for Mr. W.

Ella's Seafood Restaurant, Calabash, NC

Everything is fried except the salad...everything was delicious, too

The Jimmy Durante story in pictures

Ralph picking me up at a little dock

Tonight's back yard -- the anchorage in SC

Cape Fear Lighthouse

Meadows between bodies of water Cape Fear Lighthouse upper right

Oak Island water tower

Yesterday, a pink house/today an orange one

Holden Beach Marina

Country Club

Condos near country club

This little skier is only 9 years old, we talked with her mom

A long walk from the water to the house

Many fishermen out today

These long docks are normal for this area

Entering the anchorage off Calabash River, SC

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