Friday, June 14, 2013

Today was our last day in Atlantic City and it was raining off and on most of the day.  Early this AM I did one last load of laundry at The Laundry Room in Brigantine.  I highly recommend it to anyone traveling through.  It's immaculately clean, the equipment is new and large capacity high efficiency and the cost is fair $2 to wash a double load -- and use Color Catchers so you can mix reds, whites and blues and they all come out the way they're supposed to -- and it's 25 cents for 6 minutes of drying time in large capacity dryers that work well, so another $1.25 for drying.

We just met the Albrights from Texas doing the Loop on "Go" and gave them a ride to the Acme in Brigantine while I was at the laundromat.

We picked up Ralph's parents and took them to Gilchrist's in Gardners Basin for lunch, along with Ken and Debbie.  It was nice for us to all be together again.  Thank you, Jimmy, for the use of your car for the past three weeks -- it was wonderful to have the luxury of wheels at our disposal on a boat trip.  

In the late afternoon, Glenn and Linda Westervelt popped by in their little run-about.  They're anchored over in the cove and said we just missed seeing George Kay -- another MTOA member -- and his friend, Elliott, who were passing through.
This evening we met Neil, Becky and Aimee Hoch for dinner at Back Bay Ale House and then we all went to the Boardwalk to see the sand sculptures and John Gowdy's "Flying Colors" program.  John is a retired Atlantic City Firefighter who does beautiful sand sculpting (he was in the International Competition in Ft. Myers last November) and paints amazing pictures by throwing paint at a rotating canvas.  Unfortunately, when we got to Kennedy Plaza on the Boardwalk, we were met with a sign that due to wind, the presentation was canceled this evening.  Too bad, it is a wonderful show and will be presented the next two consecutive weekends.  It's a must see!
We walked the boards and got some water ice and the Hochs brought us back to the boat. We'll see them again in Florida. Thank you for a fun evening!!

Here are a few of today's photos:

Ralph, Neil, Aimee and Becky on the Atlantic City Boards

World Championship Sand Sculpting Competition

The exhibit was closed probably because of intermittent rain

More exhibits in progress

I liked this isolated life guard boat

Becky, Aimee and Neil

Two mannequins from Woolworth's

Interesting sky

Entrance to the sculptures

Sights on the Boardwalk

It was about 65 degrees with a bit of a chill -- get into that rolling chair and get warm!!

Beautiful Boardwalk Hall formerly Convention Hall

Hooray!  Miss America returns this fall!!

John Gowdy's Flying Colors canceled this evening.  :(

On the Boardwalk



Water ice for the girls

Lots of kids on the Boards in summer clothes and I'm in a sweater and a jacket and long pants

The Claridge -- I worked there in the 1980s and made lifetime friends

"Harry's" former location of the Marlborough Blenheim


On the Boardwalk

The "It's Sugar" Shop on Caesar's Pier -- Reese would LOVE this place.

Tonight's back yard

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