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Tonight's back yard - Chesapeake City, MD

Today we traveled 73 miles from Cape May, NJ to Chesapeake City, MD.  The predicted thunderstorms never happened and, in fact, our trip across Delaware Bay and the Delaware River was rather smooth.

We tied up at the Chesapeake City, MD city dock in front of our friends, Elle and Dick on Summer Wind and had fun catching up with them.  While we were having dinner, a thunderstorm blew through and after the rain, we took a walk through this quaint historic city.  Although we have anchored here many times over the years, this was the first time we ever actually went ashore and walked through this beautiful city, established in 1839.

Here are some photos:
Ship John Shoal on the Delaware River

We left Cape May at daybreak

Approaching Chesapeake City, MD

Chesapeake City from the water

After the rain, a stroll through town - Pell Gardens

The general store

Pookie Poo's

Chesapeake City, MD was established in 1839

Chesapeake City Town Hall

Say "Cheese!"

An old geezer checking his email on this welcoming porch

Unfortunately, this bakery was closed

Fountain in Pell Gardens

Summer Wind at Chesapeake City, MD

Say Good-Bye at Chesapeake City, MD

Ice cream on the fly bridge

The anchorage after the rain

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