Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Today was sunny and warm -- what a welcome change from the rainy weather.   This morning I went to The Laundry Room in Brigantine and did laundry -- therapeutic for me.  The Captain changed the oil and did some other boat maintenance getting ready for our trip south.
I've got an appointment with the shoulder surgeon in Tampa on July 26.  We're making arrangements at Ortega Landing Marina in Jacksonville on the St. Johns River in Florida to keep the boat until my surgery and recuperation is completed..  Thanks for the recommendations, Jeff and Mike.
Tonight we had dinner with Neil and Becky at Mickey & Minnie's Restaurant -- great German fare.  We were pleasantly surprised when Herr Chris Dennis came over to chat.  He was Aaron's German teacher in high school.  It was fun catching up with him and we exchanged phone numbers.  A lovely evening with friends.

Tonight's back yard:  

Borgata, Water Club and Golden Nugget under a crescent moon


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