Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Today was another beautiful sunny day in Atlantic City.  My friend, Jane, came over to the boat for lunch today.  I always enjoy chatting with her and her visit perked me up considerably.  
Today Ralph made reservations at the Ortega Landing Marina in Jacksonville, FL -- they have a "hurricane season" special for six months so we have reserved a slip for that length of time which hopefully will cover my surgical recuperation period.
We had dinner tonight with Ted, Elaine, Ken and Debbie at Tuckahoe Inn in Beesleys Point.  We haven't been there in ages and we had delicious crab cakes.
Only one photo taken today.  This is a photo of the landscaping in Gardners Basin in front of the Atlantic City Aquarium done by the Rutgers Master Gardeners.  The photo does not do justice to the garden.  The red and blue bands are the bow of a little sailboat filled with flowers.  It's lovely.  Before we leave, I'll take another photo -- perhaps tomorrow morning.


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