Tuesday, June 4, 2013



We'd like to thank everyone for their kind words and condolences for the untimely loss of our beloved companion Striper.  

We're presently docked at Gardners Basin in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  I saw an orthopedist yesterday for the "crankiness" I've been experiencing in my left shoulder and arm for the past couple months as we've completed The Great Loop.  He ordered a MRI which will be done tomorrow  morning as it looks like I might have a rotator cuff tear.  I'm claustrophobic so I am not looking forward to the MRI but we need to find out what's going on.  In 2008 I had a rotator cuff repair of my right shoulder and know what a miserable long recovery it is.  

Regardless of the MRI results, we hope surgery can be delayed till we're able to get Say Good-Bye back home to Florida in the fall. 


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