Monday, June 10, 2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013

We left early this morning for a whirlwind trip to my hometown, Altoona, PA about 300 miles west of Atlantic City.  After torrential rains all day yesterday, this morning was bright and clear -- the rain had cleansed the atmosphere of the pervading pollen.

We arrived shortly before noon and had lunch at Tom & Joe's in downtown Altoona -- Ralph ordered lunch, but  I had breakfast and ordered scrapple, something I miss traveling around and living in Florida.  And I must say it was delicious.  Probably the worst food you can eat, but it was soooooo good.

We popped by to visit our dear old friends, Ken and Linda Noonan.  After catching up on a year's worth of "stuff" we took a look at Ken's latest project, rebuilding a classic MG -- and I can't remember the year, but somewhere in the 1950s.  He's doing a beautiful job restoring it.  It is very cute...and very small.

We then drove across town to Juniata to visit my big sister, Gretchen and had a nice visit with her, the visited with my brother, Girard and sister-in-law, Bonnie, and their family who live across the street and we had dinner with them.  It's such a blessing to be able to visit with them and to catch up on all the family news...we, indeed, are getting older.  And every time we come back to Altoona, things are so changed from the time before.  We're glad to always catch up with my siblings and dear friends...that is the best part -- and never changes!

Here are some photos from Saturday:

The former elegant Penn Alto Hotel now City Hall Commons Apartments

Altoona City Hall

Ken's class MG

Noonie and his new project

My grandniece, Kori and me -- she's 23 now

My sister Gretchen and me

Self photograph -- Ralph, Gretchen and me

Gretchen's cat, Roxy

Bonnie, Girard and me

Ralph, Bonnie and Girard

Jarrett and me
Linda, Ralph and Noonie

In the parking lot of the Courtyard Marriott where we always stay
Tom and Joe's

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