Thursday, June 6, 2013

Good news this morning. I called Rothman Institute and they had a cancellation for Monday, June 10, so I took the appointment which gets me in to see the orthopedist two weeks before previously scheduled. Thank you, Jesus!

Ralph is having lunch with a friend and I'm working on getting this new blog set up appropriately.  We're also watching Tropical Storm Andrea bringing thunderstorms across Cape Coral and much worse conditions heading north.  It's overcast here in Atlantic City and the weather appears to be deteriorating as the day goes on.

On a brighter note, here are some more photos of our weekend with Betsy and the cherubs.  These are photos of the Malvern, PA Memorial Day Parade:
Reese putting on her Brownie vest for the

Malvern Bicycle Club

Three cheers for the red, white and blue!

God bless our troops!

Great Valley High School Band

Military vehicles

Antique cars

The Battle of Paoli was the bloodiest battle in the Civil War

Philadelphia String Band Mummers

The Mummers' Strut


Malvern Bike Racing Club

Here come the girl scouts

Betsy takes a close up of Reese

The Brownies have a job -- to throw candy!!

Reese has her flag stuck in her headband

The boy scouts

Chester Valley Little League

Revolutionary War costumes

Pitman, NJ Hobo Band

This Hobo Band began in 1946

The Shriners in their Tin Lizzies

Tin Lizzies making figure eights

Don't know who this group was, but they played well

Revolutionary War soldiers

WW II women in the service and one well behaved dog

Orian Orca Pipes and Drums

No parade is complete without the bagpipers

Thorncroft Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Thorncroft Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Malvern Fire Company celebrates 125 years

One of the original Malvern Fire Company's pumpers

These two little girls waved flags at everyone who came by

Playing "Headzies" at Betsy's

Coke - Jack's turtle resting on his suspended rock

When I put my hand against the glass, Coke comes over

Mmmmm... Dairy Queen!

Dinner could be DQ tonight!

Sunset at Betsy's, Phoenixville, PA

Betsy and Lauren had their photo taken together in NYC -- half of each -- very clever.  Poor Betsy is headless...

Miss Janine the Brownie leader gets ready for the parade

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