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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tonight's back yard
Today we traveled 63 miles from Deltaville, VA to Chesapeake, VA.  Our ride took us through Hampton, Norfolk and Portsmouth, one of the busiest and most interesting areas of the entire Chesapeake Bay.  We were looking for the Enterprise Aircraft Carrier which we read was anchored in Norfolk, but we didn't see it, although I understand by a fellow-boater who was through the area a few days ago, that it was there.  I got a gazillion other photos of "Navy stuff," though.

Our destination was the Top Rack Marina in Chesapeake, VA, a unique boat yard with racks and racks of covered boat storage.  We got diesel fuel there which was the lowest price on the Chesapeake Bay, $3.37 gal., filled our water tanks, and gave Say Good-Bye a much needed bath.  For dining at the Amber Lantern Restaurant next door Top Rack offered us a free overnight stay.

We met our friends, Toni (who I've not seen in 50 years) and her friend, Dale, for dinner.  I'm so happy they were able to meet us. We had lots of lively conversation and laughs which was good for my droopy soul.  We highly recommend the Amber Lantern. The food entree choices were varied and we each had something different (no foodie foto -- I forgot!) and we all enjoyed our meals and the atmosphere is lovely.  After dinner we gave Toni and Dale a tour of Say Good-Bye then Dale had to get back home  to do some meaningful work for his job.  Toni and I sat chatting on the fly bridge catching up on 50 years.

Some of today's photos:
Toni and Dale have dinner with those two mannequins from Woolworth's

This boat can be lifted out of the water by the attached 3 pilings hydrolically

Norfolk on one side/Portsmouth on the other

The Captain shows Toni and Dale the lazarette in the stern

Ralph, Dale and Toni on the fly bridge

Ralph, me and Dale

Norfolk Navy Base

Norfolk Navy Base

A container ship from Panama

Navy "stuff"

More Navy "stuff"

Norfolk Navy Base

Norfolk Navy Base

The Navy Hospital Ship, "Comfort"

The Spirit of Norfolk Cruising Boat

Leaving Norfolk

A tug with mop fenders, Norfolk

Here are some photos:

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