Monday, June 24, 2013

Today we traveled 67 miles in intermittent rain and sunshine.  The ICW also known as "the ditch" was very narrow in many areas and we noted the # 39 channel marker was missing.  Ralph passed on the information to boaters in the area via radio.  He got a call back from someone in the Coast Guard asking specifics so they could immediately install a buoy until a proper channel marker could be placed.  Ralph told the Coast Guardsman that the information about the missing marker has been noted on "Active Captain" for over a month.  Perhaps the Coast Guard should monitor
The landscape is changing the farther south we go.  We passed by areas such as Boque Inlet, Swans Point, Swansboro, Onwasa, Camp Lejeune Marine Base, and Surf City.  We anchored in a small anchorage near Figure Eight Island, North Carolina just beyond the Figure Eight Island Bridge.  It's a beautiful anchorage, but appears to be a popular short-cut for many small local  fishing boats and a spot for water skiing and tubing, so it was rather busy while I was cooking dinner.  

No sunset this evening due to heavy clouds and possible thunder showers are forecast. 

A few of today's photos:

View from the inside out today -- RAIN

We saw lots of people fishing today

Dunes made from the spoils of dredging "the ditch"

Waterfront homes

More fishermen


Camp Lejeune Marine Base, NC

Camp Lejeune Marine Base, NC

Property for Sale -- House Included

I took a photo of this house on our way North a few months ago

This tug aided us through one of the bridges without having to wait for the scheduled opening

Swing bridge at Surf City

The tug

Lots of sailboats out today

Another beautiful waterfront home

Tonight's back yard


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