Saturday, July 27, 2013

Today is my 66th birthday!  Here's what's been going on here in sunny Southwest Florida  the past seven weeks.  

On July 17 I had an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair on my left shoulder at the Florida Orthopedic Institute in Tampa.  The supraspinatus tendon had ruptured and the two ends retracted to their origin points.  I'm now 10 days post surgery and things are going well.  Mr. Wonderful has truly been a wonderful caregiver and I'm so blessed for that.  He's becoming quite domestic and is even cooking. 

I've been able to sleep all night in bed this past week, rather than in a recliner, which makes all the difference in the world.  We've been out and about every day which also lifts my spirits.  I also have an ice therapy machine that is so helpful in treating an achy shoulder.  It's a sort of cuff that fits over the shoulder and cold water is forced into a bladder on the cuff that massages as it cools.  It's great.  I've had some home health care, including home exercises that I'm doing twice a day.  I'll see the surgeon on August 2 in follow-up.

Meanwhile, Ralph has been doing all sorts of household stuff, including taking care of me.  He opened the house and hired someone to come in and clean for us.  He repaired the AC in my car, replaced the garage opener and garage door -- now hurricane strength resistant to winds up to 165 mph, tons of yard work and his major undertaking, taking care of me. :)

Here are a few of today's photos:
Dinner at Iguana Mia --mmmm quesadillos
Farmer's Market at Cape Harbour

If you celebrate your birthday at Iguana Mia, you get to wear the birthday sombrero

Blowing out the candle on the deep fried ice cream


  1. Hi Celeste & Ralph!
    Happy belated birthday to Celeste. Glad the shoulder repair went well, and that Ralph has been taking such excellent care of you.
    Big hugs from up on NJ
    ~Mo from Scott's Bait & Tackle, Mystic Island

    1. Hi Mo: So nice to hear from you. Thank you for the birthday wishes, it was a lovely day. I got relieved of my sling a couple weeks ago and am permitted to drive. Hooray! I feel free as a bird. I've had 5 PT sessions and am progressing well.

      Ralph has been relieved of his caregiver duties and has been out fishing. The weather is beautiful and we're walking in the early mornings and just enjoying being here in FL. Our best to you and Scott.