Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jacksonville, FL

We've finally arrived in Jacksonville, FL!  We traveled 94 miles today for a total of 1,103 miles in 21 days from Atlantic City, NJ to Jacksonville, FL.  We're washing and cleaning the boat and offloading our stuff the next couple days and leaving Say Good-Bye in Jacksonville in a covered slip for hurricane season.

We were met by our friends, Ken and Darla  and their little pup, Molly, on "Mosey" who helped us tie up. It's been a long day and the next two days will be work days for us.
Here are a few photos of today's travels:
Low tide

Looks like a military base

Some odd type of tug

Ft. Clinch on the Amelia River

Along the Amelia River, the dividing line between GA and FL

Paper mill near Fernandina Beach, FL

 Fernandina Beach Marina 

Low tide

This dolphin swam along our starboard side today

Dolphin swimming on our starboard side

Sister's Creek

Sister's Creek Bridge marks the entry to the St. Johns River

The red boat shape is our boat -- the red line is our route

Lots of tugs and commercial ships

A tug and a barge

JAX Port Authority

South on the St. Johns River to Jacksonville

Jacksonville Landing

Times Union Building

Ortega Bridge

Lamb's Marina is through the railroad bridge

Ken (seated) met us and introduced us to his dock friends

Ken's friend's shirt reads:  "Detroit where the weak are killed and eaten..."  he and his wife grew up in Detroit.  The shirt made me laugh.

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