Sunday, July 7, 2013

There's No Place Like Home!!

We're home in Cape Coral now!   Many thanks to dear friends, Ken and Darla (and Molly, too), for loaning us a car for our varied and sundry errands, chauffeuring Ralph to the airport to pick up the rental car on a 90 degree Saturday morning, and helping us pack up and schlep all our dolls and dishes to the rental car and helping to load it.    We never could have done it without ya'll!!  Arf! Arf! to Molly who kept us all laughing with her antics.

We drove 380 miles in 6 hours from Jacksonville to Cape Coral.  Early this morning, we returned the rental car to the Ft. Myers Airport on our way to church.  It's just good to be home!

I won't be blogging regularly for a while.  We'll see the shoulder surgeon in Tampa on Thursday and I'll post updates as things progress.  We'd surely appreciate your prayers for successful surgery and for helping us cope with our sadness walking into the house without our Striper.  It was really difficult for both of us.  I guess it will take a long time to heal the void in our lives without her.

Here are a few photos from the past couple days:

Friday we had dinner at Picasso's with my dear friend from kindergarten days, Milanie Hatfield.

Ken managed to get every single thing we packed into that Chevy Traverse SUV

Say Good-Bye in her hurricane covered slip at Lamb's on the St. John River

Darla, Ken & Molly

Molly likes to bite Ken's ears -- he turned the tables on her!

Once on the road, we could relax a bit

A friendly warning...but there's a cop 4-1/2 miles ahead

Entering Cape Coral

Pelican Boulevard -- almost home

Home Sweet Home

A summer shower while Ralph checks out the little Mako

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