Thursday, October 24, 2013

This morning's glorious sunrise

Yesterday we traveled 78 miles and anchored in Rockhouse Creek near New Smyrna Beach.  Dredging is going on in the anchorage, but the work crew allows space for boats to enter and anchor which we did.  

Today we traveled 76 miles and are anchored in Melbourne.  Today we saw dolphins everywhere  - they are such amazing majestic creatures.  I took lots of photos and a video (see link below).  The weather was cool and a bit overcast most of the day, temps in the low 70s and low humidity.

Today I called the surgeon and he prescribed a MRI of my right shoulder -- that's been scheduled for October 31 and he'll see me to interpret the MRI on November 1.  I am praying I did not re-tear my right rotator cuff that was repaired in 2008.  Left shoulder is great!   Other than that, we're purring along and enjoying the ride.

Copy and paste this link in your browser for the Youtube video of the dolphins:

Here are a few photos:

The Captain's caption is "Celeste and her little dolphin friends.

One of the first dolphins of the day

A plethora of pelicans

A mama dolphin and her baby

Kayakers on an eco tour

A dolphin in our portside wake

Coast guard vessel named "Hammer"

Doing what I do best...reading with my feet up

Kennedy Space Center

Tonight's back yard, Melbourne, FL

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