Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This morning the Captain weighed anchor at 7:15 AM and we continued south from Ponte Vedra Beach enjoying a beautiful sunrise.  It's a perfect day on the ICW -- temperatures in the low 70s with sunshine and blue skies.

We have limited internet capability on this trip so I'm writing this as we travel instead of at the end of the day, as I may not be able to connect later.

By 9:30 AM we were passing under the St. Augustine Lions Bridge and were hailed by cruising friends on Silver Queen, whom we met earlier this year in Marineland.  They expressed their condolences about Striper and told us they, too, had lost their Portie only six weeks ago.  We certainly know their grief over their beloved dog.  How kind of them to also ask how my shoulder was coming along.  It's doing great!

I had my left shoulder rotator cuff surgically repaired on July 17 and saw the doctor in August when he allowed me to drive and sent me to physical therapy.  I saw him again on October 4 after I'd been to 2 months of physical therapy twice a week.  He was pleased with my progress and cleared me to go back to the gym to take yoga and pilates and to ride my bike in November and also to make this boat trip now.  Great news!

However, the bad news is that my right shoulder/arm is not doing well and the surgeon and the physical therapists agree it is probably because it has been over-compensating for the left shoulder/arm for several months.  He gave me a shot of Toradol into the right shoulder which didn't help and told me to call him if I'm not better by the time we arrive home, and he'd order a MRI of the right shoulder.  I had a rotator cuff repair of the right shoulder in 2008 so I am hoping I've not reinjured that shoulder.

On a happier note, we thoroughly enjoyed spending the summer in Florida.  This was the rainiest summer in 80 years we were told, but even though we had a lot of rain, the sun came out every day.  I've gotten 3/4 of "Confessions of a Deaf Psychiatrist" written and hope to have it ready to publish in January 2014. My gym friends have included me in their monthly luncheons and I even played a little mah jongg.   Ralph has gotten back to his fishing clubs and being out on the water.  He is happy to say he has finally been able to catch redfish and snook -- now he wants to learn the technique for catching tarpon.

Here are a few of today's photos:

Glorious sunrise

St. Augustine

Silver Queen under the Lions Bridge

ICW heading south

Beautiful fall foliage on the ICW

Two dolphins swam in our wake

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